About Me

Amanda (that’s me!) is a part-time knitting designer, full-time math geek.

I love chatting with other crafty people, so feel free to get in touch with me at any of the websites below.

If you would like pattern support or have spotted an error in one of my patterns, I respond most quickly to e-mail.  Please note that I currently design as a hobby in my free time. I do have other commitments out in the real world, but I try to answer messages about once a week.

Feel free to use finished items knit from my patterns for sale or charity.  I only ask that you give credit (such as a link back to my website) and do not sell the patterns themselves.

Email:  Manda@StrangeKnits.com

Twitter:  @StrangeKnits

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Ravelry:  TheStrangeKnitter