Wow!  Has it been a week, already?

Fortunately Clue #2 is super easy.  Maybe I felt a little bit guilty about making everyone count through 333 garter stripes.  Maybe I wanted to give others time to catch up.

We’re going to join on the right side of the piece with MC.  My right edge is a little rough, but it’ll clean up when I weave in my ends.

We’re going to knit all the way down, and then back in stockinette as specified in the pattern.

So now we have one stripe of MC after the first two rows of Clue 2.  We’re going to join the CC and do the same thing.

And once we finish Rows 3 and 4, we have this:

Rows 5 and 6 are a repeat of 1 and 2.

These three little stripes mark the end of Clue #2.  Next week we’ll get into some short rows and place some markers.

The hard part is over.  The stitch counts per row only get smaller from here!

See you next week!

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