Since I’m sure that everyone is  comfortable with Short Row and Stripe Sequences, why don’t we just cut to the end of Short Row Sequence #6.

The Bind Off is pretty simple.  I carried the CC yarn up the side and used a cable cast on.

Knit 2 normally, and then ssk, using up one of the MC stitches in the process.

Slip these three stitches back to the non working needle, and start over again.  Easy, right?  As you continue, it looks like a little worm crawling along the edge of the work.

And once you run out of MC stitches, slip the 3 CC stitches back to the non working needle for the last time, and knit 3 together.  Once you remove the work from the needles, you get this:

Yes, I know.  It’s terrible, it’s curly, and you might be inclined to hate it.  It’s pretty much unwearable!  You can’t even try it on.  How will we fix it?  Just calm down and throw it in some water before it drives you crazy.

Now lay it flat to dry.  I didn’t need pins, but if you’d like a more dramatic shape, I’m sure they’d help.

Wow, isn’t that a change?

Since we’re all done now, I can finally share pictures of my finished shawls.  Enjoy!  I can’t wait to see yours!

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