My yellow Medusa shawl is probably my most worn accessory.   The last time I wore it was on Saturday, to the yarn store, naturally.  When I went to fold the shawl and put it away, I noticed THIS!

I almost cried.  Because just a week ago I went and ditched a lot of yarn scraps, and among them were the scraps from this very shawl.  I have no idea when the damage occurred, and I think I was very lucky that no stitches dropped.  Thanks tosh merino light for being a lovely, sticky yarn.

Because I had no matching scraps, I went to walmart and did something that may make other knitters cringe.  I bought the sharpest pack of needles and a spool of sewing thread in the closest golden yellow I could find.

I hid MOST of my patch job inside the shawl.  The tosh merino light is very fluffy, and it only made sense to go straight down the middle of the existing strands to do the fix.  As you can see, the match wasn’t perfect…but we can’t expect walmart to have madelinetosh colors.

I finished it up and snipped my ends, and here we are?  Can you spot the patch job?

How about now?

I’m pretty pleased with myself.  Yes, the fix is visible if you look for it, but I’m assuming that most people won’t.  I’m also thinking that it’ll lay a little nicer and a little more invisibly after the next time I wash the shawl.

Either way, crisis averted!

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