Finished Yarn Info: White/Teal/Blue Chain Ply

Fiber Content: 33% Undyed Merino, 33% Peruvian Highland Wool

Style: Chain Ply

Quantity: Approx 3.5 oz / 280 yards

I started this project almost immediately after finishing my last spin. I used the same merino from last time and transitioned from white to pure teal to pure blue by changing my rolag composition by 0.5 grams each step of the way. Both the teal and blue are from Knit Picks, but I cannot identify the colors because I no longer have the labels.

This skein looks pretty chunky, but I think that’s just because I used a 42 inch niddy noddy.

I think this project will eventually become a simple hat. If it’s a hat for me, I’ll start with the blue and transition to white so I don’t have to worry about my dyed hair staining the headband.

Even though I love the result, I still have the itch to blend more colors and play with my hand carders some more. Most of my remaining roving is white, so maybe I will dye some small quantities and try blending that.