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I'd like you to meet my sweater...

I’d like you to meet my sweater…

I started designing/knitting this on August 17th.  By September 17th, the knitting was done.  Since I’ve never done a sweater before, I took a particularly LONG time laying out the pattern.  It is graded from XS to 3X (28-52 inch bust).  Ease is built directly into the pattern, so everyone can just pick the number closest to […]

August Laceless KAL - Clue 1 - Pictures!

August Laceless KAL – Clue 1 – Pictures!

I figured it would be more fun for the veteran knitters if the Laceless clues were pictureless as well.  But for those who are beginners, or would rather confirm their knitting with visuals, I’ll be sure to have pictures nearly every step of the way. First is Shawl Edging Row 1.  The cast on isn’t […]