Red River Mini Shawl

Red River Mini Shawl

  Apologies for not writing more about my first new pattern in who knows how long…it was our first day back at school plus our open house. I got home today and noticed that I had a new pattern on my designer page on Ravelry. I designed this cute little number for Mountain Colors Yarns. […]

One Hat, Two Hats, Old Hat, New Hats!

One Hat, Two Hats, Old Hat, New Hats!

Three hats to share today and all of them are free! First on the menu is my very first pattern.  It has never been blogged here, but I feel like the timing is right. The Combination Summer Hat is Crochet with a bit of Knitting that is perfect for summer.  The pattern has been given […]



Nairi (pronounced ny-ree) is a cute little garter stitch scarfy/shawly thing.  This simple scarf/shawl hybrid was designed with the beginner in mind. No purling required, completely reversible! If you have a scale, it is easily customized to any yarn weight or any knitter’s gauge. Work from charts or written directions based on your preference. Yarns […]

Patching Medusa...

Patching Medusa…

My yellow Medusa shawl is probably my most worn accessory.   The last time I wore it was on Saturday, to the yarn store, naturally.  When I went to fold the shawl and put it away, I noticed THIS! I almost cried.  Because just a week ago I went and ditched a lot of yarn […]

I'd like you to meet my sweater...

I’d like you to meet my sweater…

I started designing/knitting this on August 17th.  By September 17th, the knitting was done.  Since I’ve never done a sweater before, I took a particularly LONG time laying out the pattern.  It is graded from XS to 3X (28-52 inch bust).  Ease is built directly into the pattern, so everyone can just pick the number closest to […]

Lovely Buttons from TheHickoryTree

Lovely Buttons from TheHickoryTree

Long story short:  I’m designing a sweater. I can’t show it to you just yet, because it is missing a sleeve…but I can show you the amazing buttons I ordered for it. I tried looking for wooden buttons at all of my local crafty places, and the big box stores.  Some places wanted more than […]

August Laceless KAL - Clue #4 - Pictures!

August Laceless KAL – Clue #4 – Pictures!

 Since I’m sure that everyone is  comfortable with Short Row and Stripe Sequences, why don’t we just cut to the end of Short Row Sequence #6. The Bind Off is pretty simple.  I carried the CC yarn up the side and used a cable cast on. Knit 2 normally, and then ssk, using up one […]

August Laceless KAL - Clue #3 - Pictures!

August Laceless KAL – Clue #3 – Pictures!

I’ve been waiting for Clue #3.  My favorite part of any project always involves increases/decreases/shaping. The method I’ve chosen for this shawl is simple.  You’ve probably seen it around in shawls by Susanna IC and many others!  We’re going to do short rows, yes, but we’re going to hide them in our decreases.  No wrap […]

August Laceless KAL - Clue 2 - Pictures!

August Laceless KAL – Clue 2 – Pictures!

Wow!  Has it been a week, already? Fortunately Clue #2 is super easy.  Maybe I felt a little bit guilty about making everyone count through 333 garter stripes.  Maybe I wanted to give others time to catch up. We’re going to join on the right side of the piece with MC.  My right edge is […]

August Laceless KAL - Clue 1 - Pictures!

August Laceless KAL – Clue 1 – Pictures!

I figured it would be more fun for the veteran knitters if the Laceless clues were pictureless as well.  But for those who are beginners, or would rather confirm their knitting with visuals, I’ll be sure to have pictures nearly every step of the way. First is Shawl Edging Row 1.  The cast on isn’t […]